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Download and activate the fantastic streaming experiance with subscription. Create new or use an existing account to proceed with the activation process. Sometimes the whole Roku activation process takes more time and effort. Therefore to configure your device to your subscription correctly with

What is Roku Premium Subscription?

Roku is a fantastic streaming device, which gives the simplest way to stream all your favourite channels to your TV and other devices. Therefore, In the premium package or Roku, you will be able to access more than 5 Lac. Movies and tv episodes, including free and paid features.  With all these features you will get the best video quality which will make your overall streaming experience more enjoyable.

With Roku, you can watch the latest movies, all tv shows, web series and entertainment channels. Roku gives a complete package for kids and family movies and shows together with other channels. Because, it has parent control features which give the parents full control to content their kids watching while accessing Roku.

Features & Models of Roku device

Before you decide to buy a Roku device with subscription, you should first know more about its top features and utilities.

  • 01) It gives the feature to watch multiple Roku channels along with streaming videos.
  • 02) Using Roku is very easy, even kids can use it with no much hassle.
  • 03) Users can easily subscribe to a monthly package according to their convenience.
  • 04) It supports excellent picture quality like HD,4K and HDR.
  • 05) On the technological side, It offers high-speed networking with both dual and single band.
  • 06) You can use its remote as voice remote.
  • 07) It comes with Ethernet, USB port and Micro SD Slot.
  • 08) You can use it on tablets and smartphones.
  • 09) Roku search feature makes it more convenient to search for favourite channels.
  • 10) It also allows users to listen to music and tunes.

Here are list of all roku device Models

  • Roku Ultra, the premium featured streaming player
  • Streaming Stick- Reliable and dominant streaming media player.
  • Roku Premiere – High picture quality with 4K and HDR streaming media player.
  • Premiere Plus- Affordable & ultimate streaming media player
  • Roku Express- For amazing picture quality & HD streaming
  • Express Plus- Simple, easy, dominant HDR streaming Player.

Now you get to know all features and amazing utilities provided by Roku. So, Let’s proceed to the activation process in which you will be able to activate the Roku subscription with the help of easily.

You need to follow the below steps to activate your new or existing Roku plan correctly.

Create a new

01) Open Roku official website or in any browser.

02) After that, click on sign up option and fill out all needed details.

  • Enter a activate email id account.
  • Choose a strong password, try to use unique character Like (@#$%&*).

03) Then, add your payment details like credit or debit card.

04) After that, Start to sync your favourite channels and shows to watch on your Roku.

How to find roku activation code

01) Very first open any web browser on your device.

02) Then login into your Roku account and fill out required details.

03) After that, Head straight to player section to view the link code.

04) Then after getting link code, open it in your Roku device.

05) Now Enter the Roku activation code in the required field.

06) After that, you have successfully retrieved your Roku link code.

Activate Roku through

01) After getting the Roku link code, please make a note of it.

02) Now open any browser and visit

03) After that, enter the Roku activation code and click on submit.

04) It will take a few seconds to verify, once done, and it will show you a success message.

05) Finally, you have successfully activated your Roku subscription. activate andlink your TV with Roku device

Add you favorite roku channels

After the Roku activation process, now time to add your favourite channel into your Roku subscription. Search to find the most entertaining Roku channels and add it on your Roku account. Roku has a wide range of channel categories to activate and include the paid and free channels.

If your channels not showing in the list try to update your Roku device and then sync channels again.



I hope the above-mentioned meaningful briefs will help you to securely activate your Roku premium plan. However, if you want to learn more about the Roku streaming device and other details. Then refer to my blog, which can get you more basic knowledge for Roku device setup & activation or even you can get some helpful troubleshooting steps.

Moreover, Remember if you have still not sure about the Roku activation process then feel free to get in touch with Roku customer helpdesk at

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